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This site was taken down due to reasons below.
Will be up again after retrieval of negotiable solution for both of our sides. We try to settle agreement directly with autor itself.
If you have any other questions, please contact the sender of an attached e-mail.

Couple of facts:
1. This is just fan site, which want to show the best of arts made in this times, the finest peaces over the entire world.
2. I have NO PROFIT for showing this arts (including own).
3. I pay fees for this site to stay alive from my OWN earnings that have not any coherence with this site by any means.
4. Resolution of these artworks is too low to make even the stickers from them or resell them.
5. On most of the artworks the autor is shown (with the homesite on newer ones), the autorship is obvious even from title of the gallery and i am not trying to preempt the autorship of these arts (which i suppose is enough in compliance with international low and international treaties).
6. All of these artworks were legally downloaded from licenced sites (so-called "free sample artworks") - the most of them from the older homepage www.armando-huerta.com (now fully in Flash™).

Dear Webmaster,

You have and Armando Huerta artist gallery on your site that my company StickerChick ( www.stickerchick.com ) and MyPSPTubes ( www.mypsptubes.com ) requests be taken down immediately, as we are his acting agent. Regardless of any prior permissions you may or may not have from Mr. Huerta, this gallery is in a direct violation of copyright considering that he has pulled all prior permissions - including artist fan-galleries.


If you wish to question my authority in this matter, please visit the MyPSPTubes website and click the customer service page and you will find my name. Failure to comply will result in an official contact by our attorney. I trust you will comply with this request and we will not have to take further, necessary legal action. Thank you for your time.

Respectfully Yours,
Jolene Reed-Meeks
Artist Licensing / Contract Manager
MyPSPTubes / Sticker Chick
jrm AT mypsptubes DOT com

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